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The Right Way to Exercise for a Healthy, Injury-Free Summer

man and woman physical therapyThe summer months are when many of us ramp up our fitness activities, from mountain biking and hiking to swimming and cycling. However, that eagerness to go all out on your sport of choice can sometimes lead to overexertion and injuries.

The Primary Purpose of Exercise

The primary purpose of exercise is to tone and stimulate circulation. Many people fixate on building extreme strength or sculpting certain body parts, but that misses the fundamental reason for physical activity.

Exercise should, first and foremost, improve muscle tone and blood flow. In the process of toning your muscles and improving circulation, the body will naturally develop strength. Pushing too hard for sheer muscle mass can lead to joint issues and overexertion.

Tailor Your Intensity to Your Ability

The intensity of your workout should match your current fitness level and phase of life. If you’re recovering from an illness or injury, your exercise should be very low-key, slow, and gradual. Those in moderate health can handle moderate activity.

As we age, our exercise needs change. After 60, your activity has to be very gentle. If your body can’t handle 100% of the activity, you only do 80%. Overdoing it accelerates the natural breakdown of tissues faster than the body repair them.

Align Your Body First

Before ramping up any exercise regimen, properly align your joints and spine through chiropractic care or other bodywork. If you keep moving your joints and they’re already out of alignment, you will make the misalignment worse.

Poor alignment leads to stress and wear on joints with any repetitive motion, paving the way for injuries. Correcting imbalances will allow your body to handle summer activities smoothly.

Focus on Mind-Body Connection

Rather than an all-out push for more miles or heavier weights, I recommend tuning into the present moment during gentler exercises like walking or yoga. You can enjoy the restorative benefits of movement by being fully present, awakened, and alive in your senses.

High-intensity workouts often have us disconnect from our surroundings as we strive to meet goals or push our limits. But true exercise should open our senses and let us commune with our environment by exchanging breath with nature.

Prioritize Core Health & Alignment for Maximum Benefits

This summer, think about the purpose of exercise and what you need to do to align your spine and your joints so that you can have proper motion in all the exercises you do.

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