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Sports Chiropractic in Frisco

We keep our front door open as wide as possible, with athletes of all ages and levels coming into Frisco Family & Sports Chiropractic for high-quality care. If you keep active or play any type of sport, we can help you.

As the lead medical trainer for FC Dallas, the Major League Soccer team near Frisco, for the past nine years, Dr. Stutz is prepared for any sports-related health concern. Whether you have experienced an injury in competition or are wisely considering proactive, preventative care as an athlete, we’ve got you covered.

A Personal and Effective Approach to Athletic Care

We take our time to think critically about each patient’s diagnosis and potential care plan. As a collaborative medical team with the humility to adjust as necessary, you can be confident that our approach to care will lead to the best possible results for your health.

Dancer stretching

Redefining Your Ceiling at Every Age and Level

You don’t have to be a professional soccer player to benefit from Dr. Stutz’s expertise. But with his experience serving the pros, he has an advantage in knowing the best ways to maximize athletic ability and performance.

Regardless of whether you are a weekend warrior, a participant in recreational activities, or a professional athlete, you are in the hands of a healthcare partner who knows how to help you reach your goals.

Our care helps gym rats continue their intense workout programs, dancers maintain their flexibility, football players dominate the gridiron, and Ninja warriors succeed in their quests.

Recently, Dr. Stutz even helped a high-level Frisco high school softball pitcher who was being pressured into exploratory shoulder surgery. Thanks to chiropractic care at Frisco Family & Sports Chiropractic, the pitcher enjoys peak performance with no pain or surgery.

Your Goals Are Our Goals—Get Started Today

We align our goals to your goals and use the modalities required to bring your body what it needs. We use everything from kinesiotaping to joint flossing, ultrasound therapy, and traditional adjustments (including of the extremities).

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