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Benefits of Good Posture


Good posture is known as neutral spine. When we have good posture, or a neutral spine, the muscles surrounding the spine are balanced and supporting the body equally. Posture is unconscious, so you don’t have to think about it. Certain groups of muscles, called postural muscles, help your body to hold good posture. These muscle groups also help to keep you on balance as you walk or move. Having good posture helps to avoid straining the muscle groups needed to do daily activities.


Less headaches.

Poor posture can contribute to tension headaches, due to increased muscle tension in the back of the neck. Often if we correct our posture, we can reduce muscle tension and improve or maintain our headaches.

Increased energy levels.

When your bones and joints are in correct alignment, it allows the muscles to be used as they’re intended, so you’ll have less fatigue and more energy, explains. In other words, the muscles don’t have to work so hard to do what they’re supposed to do.

Less tension in your neck and shoulders.

A forward head posture puts strain on the upper back, shoulder, and neck areas. With proper alignment, the joints and ligaments are less stressed and less subject to chronic overuse.

Less lower back pain.

Sitting or standing in a slouched position for long periods of time stresses your lower back. More specifically, it puts pressure on the posterior structures of the spine, including the intervertebral discs, facet points, ligaments, and muscles.


Below, you can find stretches and exercises you can do at home to alliviate your pain in the problematic areas.

  • Glute bridges: Bridges strengthen and engage your gluteal and abdominal muscles, so your body relies on them instead of stressing your lower back.

  • Supine head retraction: This exercise strengthens the neck muscles that are often weak and stretched out.

  • Torso twists (Russian twists): Strengthen your obliques so the right muscles are activated when you’re sitting or standing.

  • Neck stretch (multiplanar): Stretch out your neck to relieve pressure and correct tension.

These are just a few stretches and exercises to correct posture and to maintain any pain that is a by product of poor posture. Call us today to learn more and to book your first adjustment! (972)-294-5534